Artist Statement

The world is full of stories. Stretching out backwards, forwards and sideways in time everything has a story; every object, every person, every thought, every event. Our lives are a landscape of mythologies; mythologies of science, of economics, of religion, of philosophy, of language, of love, of sex, of death.

We negotiate and make sense of these stories by telling our own, adapting and changing our own personal narratives, adopting new characters to fit, to resist, to avoid, to create or destroy. We are hybrids, we are angels and monsters colliding and intertwining in a chaotic mass of threads, sometimes joyful and beautiful, sometimes terrifying and destructive but always changing.

My work exists at the point of these collisions. Objects, words and images culled from the world around me where stories meet rearranged to tell new tales.

I am the Minotaur lost and crying at the lies of heroes.

I am the Trickster standing laughing in the rubble of a once great city.

I am the boy who fell in love with the sea.

I am a storyteller.


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