Returning From Exile

‘Where have you been?’ interrupted Arthur, now that his head had finished working out.

‘Around,’ said Ford, ‘around and about.’ He grinned in what he accurately judged to be an infuriating manner. ‘I just took my mind off the hook for a bit. I reckoned that if the world wanted me badly enough it would call back. It did!’

Life, The Universe and Everything, Douglas Adams

So I’m back after taking a three year break from online life (due to numerous reasons which I won’t go into as, if I do, this post will turn into a foaming swivel-eyed rant and most likely lead to me dissolving into a puddle of bile) and art practice (due to an apocalyptic collapse in confidence.)

The world didn’t exactly call me back, but circumstances conspired to make it pretty much impossible to ignore it in the hope that it would just kindly go away and stop bothering me until it had grown up.

Well, a quick glance at 2016 shows that last bit probably isn’t going to happen and if we’re all on a rollercoaster ride to disaster (as seems likely), perhaps it’s better to be in one of the carriages enjoying the ride and waving out of the windows than sitting at the side of the tracks muttering “You’re all doomed.”

That all sounds a bit gloomy, but actually I’m quite chipper. Just had a few pieces in an exhibition in Berlin (courtesy of the rather wonderful Something Dark magazine) resulting in a new found confidence and as a result am shortly to move into a shared studio (with the equally wonderful Heather Power) where I’ll be creating the strange things that have been living in my head since I took my hiatus from art practice, and hopefully I’ll be able and inclined to report on progress here. I may even return to social media (once I’ve worked out a way of putting up a massive wall between my private and public life – hope springs eternal.)

So that’s that. I’m back.

How have you been?

One thought on “Returning From Exile

  1. I don’t think you’re alone on that “rollercoaster ride” you mention; and, indeed, disaster beckons at every sweep, swoop and turn. Perhaps it’s a case of being in one of the carriages and still muttering (more loudly) “WE are all doomed, unless…”
    Good to have you back, and very pleased to have your work in our Berlin exhibition.

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